Technology Titans Special Committee

High School- English

Project Proposals

Top technological companies in the world met to create the Technology Titans Special Committee. This hand-picked committee was drafted with the intention of solving major issues in selected cities.

The Committee chartered a fund of one billion United States dollars (US$ 1,000,000,000.00) for the reconstruction of a selected city, through the usage of environmentally-friendly technologies. The Technology Titans will present Project Proposals to achieve this end, and will have to decide among themselves which Project will win the contract.

The participants will represent the biggest companies of the technological world. Each of the participants will embody an executive from the Board of Directors of their respective company, these being: the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

The operations of this committee will simulate the Board of Directors of the Technology Titans Special Committee, which is made up by independent companies. Each company must aim to be as creative as possible while applying its own available technologies to solve the city’s issues. As well, these proposals must be environmentally friendly and, most importantly for each company, profitable.

CILA 2016 TechTitans Study Guide